How to create your own digital magazine?

Thanks to digital technology, it's never been easier to create your own magazine. With digital publishing tools like Calameo, you don't need to hire entire teams or spend huge budgets to make your magazine dream come true. In this article, we explain the main steps to create your digital magazine.

Define the theme of your digital magazine

The first step is to choose the general theme of your digital magazine.

To make the right choice, don't hesitate to look at what is already on the market: women's magazines, cars, fashion, news, etc. There are many different magazine themes.

Finally, by taking inspiration from the magazines that work best in your sector, you will have to decide which sections to create.

Build your team

To create your digital magazine, you don't need to have a big team, nor do you need to have a team in person. In this day and age, it's become easier to use freelancers who can work on your issues from anywhere in the world.

Whether in person or off-site, you will need: at least one editor and one graphic designer. An editorial secretary or an advertising manager could be good ideas to add to your team as well, depending on your needs and the strategy of your magazine.

Write the texts and make the layout

Once your team is in place, you'll need to create your first issue.

The editors will research the topics and come up with interesting angles for the articles in the various sections. Then they write the text. The graphic designers, on the other hand, come up with pleasing layouts and a visual universe of their own to make the magazine cohesive and recognizable.

You will need to use word processing software, such as Word, as well as layout software, such as the Adobe Suite, to create your digital magazine.

Publish your digital magazine on Calaméo

Once the file of your first issue is ready, you will have to publish it. And Calameo is the solution to do this easily! Just click on the "publish" button and your file becomes a digital publication that can be viewed at any time from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our Editor tool, you can even enrich your digital publications with internal and external links, videos, images, and much more! Give your readers a unique experience and they'll look forward to your next issues.

Tip: If you choose our PLATINUM subscription, you can customize the viewer entirely to your brand and benefit from unique features like subscriber management.

Share your magazine online with Calaméo

Since your first issue is now digitized, you'll have to share it. Calameo not only allows you to put your magazine online, but also to share it very easily.

Copy the URL of your publication to share it in your social network communications so that your subscribers can read your magazine from there without even having to be redirected.

Or, insert your digital publication directly into your website or blog using our embedding tool. You can also create a library that lists several of your digital publications to customize and then embed directly on your website using our Calaméothèque feature.

The sharing features are multiple and very easy to use on Calameo to allow you to communicate effectively with your readers.

Track the statistics of your online magazine with Calameo

The last step will be to follow the statistics of your first issue to determine what works and what needs to be improved for the next issue.

Calaméo offers detailed statistics of your publications, which will allow you to know valuable information such as the number of views, the reading time, the number of clicks on the links, or the country of origin of the readers.


As you can see, creating your own magazine isn't that complicated when you use a digital publishing tool like Calameo.

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