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Lead generation

Unlock valuable leads by seamlessly integrating lead-capturing forms into your publications. Grow a high-quality contact database by gathering crucial contact information from your audience.

Audience Insights

Dive deep into your audience with powerful analytics tools. Get valuable insights to refine your strategy and maximize the impact of your publications.


Rich Media

Dynamic media, videos, infographics, audio… captivating experiences. Maximize your audience engagement now!


Discover all compatible apps

  • Calendly

    Enhance reader engagement by facilitating appointment scheduling directly within your Calaméo publication.

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  • Embedly

    Enhance your Calaméo publications with captivating and immersive content.

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  • Google Analytics 4

    Track the performance of your Calaméo publications with valuable data on views and traffic.

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  • Google Forms

    Embed forms in your publications and convert your audience into qualified leads!

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  • Hubspot​

    Capture qualified leads through integrated forms in your Calaméo publication.

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  • MailChimp

    Integrate Mailchimp forms into your Calaméo publications. Gain subscribers and boost engagement.

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  • Jotform

    Gather responses within your Calaméo publication with interactive forms.

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  • Leaflet

    Enhance your Calaméo publications with interactive maps for enriched geographic navigation.

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  • Matomo

    Unlock in-depth insights into your audience’s engagement with your Calaméo publications.

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  • Typeform

    Create interactive surveys to better understand your audience and personalize your content in Calaméo.

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  • Shopify

    Present your products in a compelling way in your Calaméo publications. Skyrocket your online sales.

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  • Youtube

    Enhance your Calaméo publications and integrate captivating videos of your products and services.

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